We are the Village of Larchmont Democratic Committee, a duly constituted subcommittee of the Westchester County Democratic Party.

WHAT: Our primary purpose is to support the Village of Larchmont’s voluntary form of governance, by:

  • finding,
  • interviewing and
  • supporting residents who are willing to serve as candidates for the positions of Mayor, Village Trustee and Village Justice.

In this role, we coordinate the campaigns of our nominated candidates in compliance with New York State Election laws.

WHEN: The village election cycle starts in January each year, with our party caucus, and ends on election day, which is generally the third Tuesday in March.

AND ALSO: After election day, we lend support to Democratic candidates seeking elective office in Town of Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York State and at the federal level.

WHO: We rely on Village of Larchmont residents who share their energy and passion to ensure that their government operates in an open and efficient manner.  We could use your help.  Please GET INVOLVED and help continue our community’s tradition of effective self-governance.