Village Government

Since the formation of Larchmont Village in 1891, generations of Larchmonters have made their mark on the community through their voluntary contributions. Volunteers lead our village government and operate the committees that oversee many of our most important government functions.

The current Larchmont officials can be found at

Elective Positions: The Village of Larchmont is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of the mayor and four trustees.  The Board holds monthly public meetings at Village Hall, the municipal building.

  • Mayor:  The Mayor of Larchmont serves a two-year term.  The mayor is responsible for the day to day affairs of the village, including overseeing the delivery of police, fire, sanitation, water and other services.  Among many other duties, the Mayor assigns volunteers to serve on the various governmental committees.
  • Trustee: The Village Board has four trustees who serve two-year terms; residents elect two trustees every year.  Trustees meet regularly with the Mayor and confer on the oversight of Village government.  In addition, the Village Trustees serve as liaisons to the various governmental committees.
  • Village Justice:  Larchmont has two Justices who serve for a four-year term.

Want to run for elected office?
The Village of Larchmont Democratic Party nominates candidates for elected positions and supports nominees during their campaigns. Contact us at: Village of Larchmont Democratic Party

Appointments to Volunteer Committees:  There are over 30 committees and commissions providing important service to the Village of Larchmont in areas such as land use (Planning and Zoning), recreation, finance, parks, arts and the environment. For a complete list, see: Want to Volunteer?

Want to serve on a committee? Contact The Village of Larchmont.

To help lead or operate the Village of Larchmont Democratic Party, see: Get Involved. We welcome your participation.