Get Involved

Are you a resident of the Village of Larchmont? Are you registered as a Democrat with the Westchester County Board of Elections? Then congratulations, you are already a member of the Village of Larchmont Democratic Party! You are welcome to participate in any of our public activities and to vote in our party caucuses.

Want to join the party leadership? There are many opportunities, with varying levels of responsibilities and time commitments. You can serve during our annual caucus as an officer, or take a leadership position throughout the year, or volunteer during the election season.

Caucus Officers serve once a year at the party caucus in January, where candidates are nominated to represent the party in the Village of Larchmont election. There are three officers:

  1. Caucus Chairperson is responsible for conducting the village caucus.
  2. Caucus Secretary creates an accurate record of  business conducted at the party caucus and completes the nominating petitions filed with the Village Clerk.
  3. Caucus Teller attests to the results of voting for each office.

Any member of the Village of Larchmont Democratic Party can serve in these positions;  there is no advance registration or training required.


Party Leaders serve throughout the year.

•  Our Chairperson leads the party and plays many important roles, including: overseeing governance requirements; developing party policy; recruiting candidates for office, and supervising fundraising and expenditure activities.

•  Our Treasurer keeps detailed accounts of all party financial transactions and files campaign finance disclosure forms with the Village Clerk.

•  Our Communications Director maintains our database of active members and helps us keep in touch with members of our party.

•  Our Webmaster maintains our website.

•  Our Fundraising Director oversees the solicitation of voluntary contributions to support the candidates’ campaigns during election season and informational activities during the rest of the year.

•  Our District Leaders serve as conduits for information between the party and voters in Larchmont’s four voting districts.

Campaign Volunteers
pitch in during election seasons to:

•  Help organize the annual party caucus where our members gather to choose our candidates for the upcoming election;

•  Work with our candidates to develop their campaign platforms;

•  Participate in the creation of print and electronic advertising;

•  Organize “meet the candidate” events at homes and local venues;

•  Call voters to remind them of the times and place of voting on election day;

•  Close the polls to oversee the counting and transmittal of vote tallies to the Westchester County Board of Elections.


Ready to play a role in the Larchmont Democratic Party? Contact us at: