Congratulations to George Latimer in his Primary Win!

George Latimer was carried to a significant victory September 12 by voters across Westchester County.

Final tally from the Westchester County Board of Elections: * Ken Jenkins — 13,803 Democratic line; 0 Reform (NON) line * George Latimer: 23,673 Democratic line; 1,507 Reform (NON) line These figures mean that 12.9% of Democrats voted on Tuesday, a remarkably high number for a party Primary in Westchester County.

George Latimer thanks you and urges your activism

Thanks to all who supported me in the Democratic & Reform primaries for County Executive. We now go forward to make a strong case for new policies in County government.

We now begin the fall campaign by showing Westchester that you've been sold a bill of goods that isn't true: Rob Astorino hasn't "held the line on property taxes" at all. It's a bogus claim. He has deferred the bill

* by borrowing to cover operating expenses,
* by raiding the reserve fund,
* by authoring one shot deal, and
* by ignoring union contracts.

The real costs of governing are going to hit Westchester like an offshore hurricane.

Your County taxes – general levy + refuse + sewer – have INCREASED these last six years [even factoring in revaluation]. Don't believe me. Don't believe Rob Astorino. Look at your own tax bills from 2011 to 2017. Pull them out and LOOK at them. You'll see for yourself they've gone up. In some cases, 20-30%.

You've been ROB'd. It's time to tell the truth and face facts, not fantasy.

Now it's time for all of us to roll up our sleeves to make sure George Latimer is elected November 7th

Spread the word to all our Westchester friends and neighbors to vote for George Latimer for Westchester County Executive. Together we can do it!